First steps towards the creation of Local Action Groups

First steps towards the creation of Local Action Groups

During the period 23 to 24 March 2017, “A.O. Pro Cooperare Regională” conducted the first workshops to create Local Action Groups in the northern region of Republic of Moldova in villages Cremenciug (Soroca), Băhrinești (Floreşti), Viișoara(Edineț) and Sarata Veche(Fălești) . Training workshops brought together mayors, businesses and civil society representatives.

Workshops were moderated by employees of   “A.O. Pro Cooperare Regională”, Bălți municipality. The presenters came with a supporting message about the benefits and opportunities of rural development under the Local Action Groups, what are the conditions of association in LAG and also the responsibilities of the public and private sector. The purpose of organizing these meetings is to inform the public about the concept LEADER and opportunities to create LAGs in Moldova having the positive experience of EU countries in this area.

Creating Local Action Groups is a long process and requires the involvement of all decision makers: civil society, local public authorities of level I and II, academia and other community leaders. At the initial stage will be identified the geographical location of their LAG.

We note that since 2015, the Association “Pro Cooperare Regională” promotes models of rural development under LEADER, and starting from February 1, 2015 facilitates directly the creation of Local Action Groups in the North of the country.