About us

NGO “Pro Cooperare Regionala” (ProCoRe) started as a social institution designed to help create conditions for regional development and cooperation of civil society in Moldova.

The organization was founded on July 7, 2005 as an NGO, non profit. They registered with the Ministry of Justice as a national organization implementing the program “Improving social and economic conditions in rural areas of the Republic of Moldova” and were funded by the HEKS Foundation , Switzerland and the Swiss Government and Development Agency Cooperation SDC.

The mission of ProCoRe is to contribute to promote and support civil society initiatives through socio-economic activities and create conditions for regional cooperation for the population in Moldova.

The program’s mission is implemented in the North of Moldova (districts: Briceni, Ocnita, Donduseni, Edinet, Soroca, Drochia, Riscani, Glodeni, Falesti, Floresti, Singerei) and has a number of projects for rural economic and social development by:

  • Rehabilitation of social infrastructures (kindergartens, schools, libraries);
  • Medical – social and home care for the disabled and elderly;
  • Training, education and professional skills for at-risk youth to integrate them successfully into society;
  • Promoting women’s rights and health education;
  • Programs that address small farmers (training in animal husbandry and gardening, exchanges with European countries).