Training for livestock farmers in northern Moldova

Training for livestock farmers in northern Moldova

College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine located in Brătuşeni, Edinet, in collaboration with the NGO “Pro Cooperare Regionala” has announced enrollment for animal husbandry training, focusing on “Livestock (cattle)”.

Farmers in the northern region of Moldova (and beyond) who need training are invited to join first. Courses will be taught by professors from the College of Brătuşeni and specialists. In addition to theoretical lessons, students will be able to apply their knowledge in practice during this course.

After completion of the 3 month course (theory and practice), students will receive a certificate approved and validated by the Ministry of Education. The Certificate will serve as the basis for farmers to access agricultural subsidies and other financing.

The training courses are organized within the project “Increasing production and facilitating market access for farmers in the north of Moldova”, implemented by NGO “Pro Cooperare Regnionala” and funded by the HEKS Moldova Foundation. Tuition fee is 950 lei, which is 20% of the total contract value of this education, the remainder will be covered by NGO “Pro Cooperare Regionala” with the financial support of HEKS Moldova Foundation.

The curriculum for the course “Livestock (cattle)” has been approved by the Ministry of Education, and focuses on: “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship”, “Feed production technology and conservation”, “The technology of preparation of compound feed”, “Nutrition and feeding”, “Animal Breeding and Reproduction”, “Production technology and production values ​​of cattle”, ” Vet Fundamentals”, “Breeding machines and equipment”, “Ecology, environmental protection and biotechnology waste recycling”, “Agro” and ” Training Practice “.

From February 16 to February 27, 2015, those who wish to enroll in this training need to submit to the College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine in Brătuşeni the  following documents:

  • Diploma / certificate of graduation (general school / middle school, high school, college, etc.);
  • Medical certificate (086-1);
  • Copy of ID;
  • 6 color photos (size 3 × 4);
  • Certificate on the family (town hall);
  • Copy of the identity of the parents (for people under the age of 18).

Contact person:

Gennady Frecautanu, Deputy Director

College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Brătuşeni

tel. Secretariat: 0 (246) 7 55 94

tel. mob .: 0 693 3 54 93