Training course in vegetables and fruits in Râșcani, for farmers in the North of Moldova

Training course in vegetables and fruits in Râșcani, for farmers in the North of Moldova

A Vocational School in the village of Râșcani, in collaboration with the NGO “Pro Cooperare Regională”, announces regional cooperation for a training course in the field of vegetables and fruits, “Growing fruits and vegetables”. 

All are invited to apply, but farmers in the northern region of the country (and beyond) who need training will be accepted first into this program. The courses will be instructed by teachers from the vocational school in the town of Râșcani and specialists in the field.  In addition to theoretical lessons, students will be able to apply what they learn in practice. 

After completion of the 3-month course (theory and practice), farmers will receive a certificate approved and validated by the Ministry of Education. These certificates will serve as a basis for farmers to access their subsidies in agriculture and other financings, as well as to fit in the labor field. 

Training courses are organized within the project “Increasing production and facilitating market access for farmers in the north of Moldova”, implemented by “Pro Cooperare Regională” and funded by the HEKS Foundation Moldova.  The tuition fee is 900 lei, which is 20% of the total contract value of studies, the rest will be covered by “Pro Cooperare Regională”, with financial support from HEKS Foundation Moldova. 

The curriculum for “Growing fruits and vegetables”, approved by the Ministry of Education, focuses on the appropriation of the 14 disciplines: “sustainable agriculture, including an organic-a viable alternative to conventional farming,” “preparing land for cultivation, fertilization” establishment, “the main diseases and pests in crops of vegetables.  “Applying plant protection products”,”weed”, “Manufacturing vegetable field crops”, “cultivation of vegetable crops “, “Requirements in relation to ecological factors of fruit crops”, “establishing plantations and planting trees”, “requirements for the ecological factors of fruit crops”, “management and tree felling”, ” Work and fertilization of soil in orchards”, “plant protection against pests and diseases”, “biological and technological Peculiarities of the cultivation of various species of fruit crops “”The Mechanization of technological processes in growing vegetables and fruit”. 

The application will be open between February 26 – March 13, 2015, for those who wish to enroll in this course. Provide the following information for the Vocational school in the town of Râșcani: 

Diploma/certificate of completion of studies (General school/middle school, high school, College, etc.. );

medical certificate (086-1);

copy of identity card;

6 color photographs (size 3 x 4);

certificate of family composition (at City Hall);

copy of identity card of parents (persons who are under age 18). 


Contact: Lucia Carauș, Deputy director-tel. : (256) Ion Bargan 24632, Professor-tel.  mob. 060662037: Vera Badrajan, teacher-tel. : 28082 (256); Tel. mob. : 069547321


NGO “Pro Cooperare Regională”, was founded on July 7, 2005, located in the municipality of Bălți, contributes to creating conditions for regional development and cooperation in the field of civil society in the Republic of Moldova.  NGO “Pro Cooperare Regională” implements the program “Support for sustainable community development”, funded by the Swiss Foundation Moldova and HEKS. The program has the mission in the northern region of Moldova (Sangerei, districts of Glodeni, Falesti, Floresti, Drochia, Edinet, Riscani, Soroca, Donduseni), of a number of projects of social and economic development by increasing rural production and facilitating access to the market for farmers in the North of the country and the rehabilitation of social infrastructure (kindergartens, schools).