LEADER approach yesterday and today

LEADER approach yesterday and today

Starting May 2017 A.O. ” Pro Cooperare Regională ” initiated the second stage in facilitating the process of creating Local Action Groups in the northern region of the Republic of Moldova. For the time being, the LEADER initiative has emerged in 5 micro-regions. Subsequently, these LEADER initiatives will benefit from technical assistance in developing Local Development Strategies (LAGs) and the registration of Local Action Groups.

The stage of informing and raising the awareness of the community members towards the LEADER principles was oriented towards identifying local human resources and analyzing the socio-economic potential of the area.

The building of local partnerships between the public and the private sector is a decisive factor in the development of rural communities and raising the living standards of the rural population.

LEADER is the innovative, cooperative approach implemented in a particular region that adds value to development, thanks to the bottom-up involvement of community members.